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Dr. Benjamin Walder


Thank you for considering us for your orthodontic care!


Growing up, I did not have the opportunity to afford orthodontic treatment.  It always affected my self esteem, and looking back at pictures, I never wanted to smile with teeth showing.   My goal is to make braces affordable for every family.  We take pictures and videos everyday and showing off your smile is the best part of our memories.  


For our braces, we use American Orthodontics products which are all proudly made in the USA.  Our offices are designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for our patients.  I enjoy getting to know each patient and the amazing transformations patients see with their smiles during orthodontic treatment. 

I have been practicing exclusively orthodontics for over 14 years and in East Texas for over 10 years.  I attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for dental school and UCLA for a three year orthodontic specialty certificate. I have been published in many scientific journals while receiving many honors including the American Association of Orthodontists award and the UCLA section of orthodontics award.  I am a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and have served as a national board consultant for the American Dental Association.

I look forward to our orthodontic journey together.  I want to make this a fun and fast process.   I can't wait to meet with you at our no-cost consultation.   We are open Monday though Saturday.  I can't wait to see you smile!

I am always available if you have any questions:

(903)484-4785 cell or click on the right red tab (on computer desktop mode) 

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